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To measure outcomes, we utilize the OQ45.2 & PHQ-9 which provides a quick and comprehensive snapshot of the client’s current functioning across a wide variety of disorders. This is sensitive to change over short periods of time, making it useful for evaluating client progress at any point during their recovery through the process. Given the long-term nature of the Ethos program, we can get a look at how individuals are progressing through the process. A snapshot will be taken for VGX holders, and tokens will be issued via the Ethos app. That approach will provide relief to the VGX community, which has been left aside by the bankruptcy process of Voyager. The framework can give you language to use when describing gaps in service. Your input can be invaluable in helping mental health care providers shift toward the values outlined by this model.

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  • However, the founding Ethos team quit the board in 2021, and Voyager eventually declared bankruptcy 18 months later.
  • If your drug-related problems are severe or complicated, you may be referred to a residential rehabilitation service.
  • FAMILY OR PHONE CONSULTATION Often a family member is the first responder when an individual is in crisis.
  • We’ll be having another “How To Guide” coming out for anyone confused with the process when the Ethos Airdrop commences.

— There have been times where I was crippled with self-doubt and fear while running a business. Whenever I end up in a situation where I am tested, I just remember that whatever I am feeling is temporary and may not be a realistic barometer of what is happening in reality. I realized how insecure I was in social situations and it really helped me develop some self-confidence. I went on a lot of really cool dates with people and I learned how to be open and honest with other people about who I was.

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In this track, we work with to uncover their passion, harness it in meaningful ways and develop a plan for independence. Guided goal-setting, health and wellness education and financial literacy exercises play key roles in developing personal agency.

Ethos will not be requesting ownership, taking ownership, or interacting with the VGX tokens in any way besides using it as a reference for our Snapshot. This blog post is for VGX holders who are holding their tokens outside of the Voyager Application. If you were holding your tokens on the Voyager app, click here to register for the airdrop. The process for VGX holders outside of the Voyager app will be separate from the Voyager Creditor registration. If you hold tokens both on the platform and outside of the platform, you are eligible for both airdrops.

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What about the parents who endure trauma as a result of their loved one destroying their life? Being direct and honest with people about their maladaptive behaviors can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Chris Howard, CADC-III, CCMI is the founder of Ethos Recovery and Lifestyle Interventions, providing long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders.


You may have your while living at home or as a hospital inpatient. Your treatment plan may include a number of different treatments and strategies. You’ll also be given a keyworker, who will support you throughout your treatment.

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Looks like the website is now live with the recovery airdrop. ETHOS Offers Primary Substance Abuse IOP Groups for both Adults and Adolescents. Adult Groups are available both daytime and evening, while Adolescent groups are run late afternoon. Groups are run in person, however hybrid/tele-health capabilities are offered where needed.

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Staff will talk you through all of your treatment options and agree a treatment plan with you. With the right help and support, it’s possible for you to get drug free and stay that way.

Teens 13-18 enter programs specifically designed for them.

I used to watch my mother spiral out-of-control into a delusional state of mind and wonder, why is she like this? At first I was afraid and confused, but after this became a regular occurrence, I was fascinated by her irrational state and wondered if there was any treatment that would help her. I was placed in foster care and group homes two or three times due to her constant struggles. That experience introduced me to children who suffered from poverty, drug addiction and abandonment. I remember wishing that I could help them and having an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in my situation. Eventually, my grandmother received custody of me, but we lived with my mother, who continued to struggle with her paranoid delusions. On the heels of Ethos 2.0 launch, the team will extend a recovery token program for free to users affected by Voyager’s bankruptcy.

What does ego mean in recovery?

A person full of ego holds the belief that they already know everything worth learning. Trouble giving up self-will: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to this as “self-will run riot.” In other words, a person full of ego believes they always know best.

VGX holders will get 10% of the ETHOS token supply based on a future blockchain snapshot. If Voyager creditors demonstrate proof of claim, a similar sum will be allocated pro-rata among them. Website, both VGX holders and creditors will be eligible to claim ETHOS tokens with proof of valid claim. Blockchain platform Ethos has launched a recovery token program for users affected by the crypto broker Voyager’s bankruptcy. Creditors can register their claim with proof through the Ethos platform at For VGX holders a snapshot will be taken, and tokens will be distributed via the Ethos app. That process will give hope to the VGX community, who have been largely cast aside through the bankruptcy process.

What drug treatment involves

Ultimately, I started speaking with clinicians and they voiced some of the same concerns but were also afraid to speak up for similar reasons I stated above. I realized that taking risks is a part of growing and not everyone is gonna agree with you. Ironically, the people that dislike you the most are probably going to help you more than you know. I discovered my gift for working with families through trial and error. I was lucky enough to have people training me that were dedicated to helping families and were not focused on the bottom line. I was taught that although we are running a business, we never focus on the bottom line.