How to Recruit More Affiliates in Three Easy Steps


The best thing about recruiting influencers and opinion leaders to be your affiliates is that they already have a lot of sway and respect within their community. This means that their audience is more likely to trust what they say when they talk about your business. Using people of authority in your campaigns is a basic principle of persuasion used by affiliate marketers worldwide.

Affiliate Program Recruitment

Affiliate recruitment is one of the key pillars of affiliate management. Without affiliates aboard your affiliate program, there will be no sales force to promote you. The affiliate program offers a suite of services for job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers…. As part of the checkout process, you can advertise your affiliate program to buyers. Pitch the benefits, and point out that satisfied buyers may be able to earn back everything they’ve paid for the product—and then some.

Optimize Your Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Be up front about the payment structure, and make sure to always pay on time. The link to this page should be clearly visible from your website’s main navigation. If you are just visiting the site, just wait a bit and it should be back soon. If you own the web site, please verify with your hosting company if your server is up and running and if they have our firewall IPs whitelisted.

Affiliate Program Recruitment

As a good form can make a huge difference in the recruitment process, we’ve also created our Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms pro-add-ons. These allow you to plug into the power of your form builder to maximize signups and collect the basic information you need. Showcase your program featuresIf you want to recruit affiliates that will make a difference, then this has to change.

Think tactically about how you can showcase your value proposition and build the relationship. What you want to do is create affiliate partners, and often this takes some time. To do this, you’ve got to have the right tools available to you, and this is where AffiliateWP comes in. Not only does it have great affiliate management tools to help you keep your affiliates happy, but it’s also got industry-leading affiliate growth tools.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win-win offer for all involved—but that doesn’t mean everyone will sign on.

You can offer these calls at least to your top affiliates. You might also consider paid ads on social media, for example LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads. While not a direct outreach technique as such, optimizing your landing page has a positive impact on the organic traffic of your affiliate page. You should perform a keyword analysis and identify the keywords in your niche with the highest traffic. Make sure to invest enough resources in your backlink strategy, too. The easiest way is to identify your main competitors and look into their backlinks.

Affiliate Program Recruitment

Manage your affiliate program and track sales in real-time. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the type of publishers you want to join your affiliate program. Many different affiliate publisher types exist, from content publishers to loyalty and cashback publishers, and each publisher type serves a unique purpose. After weeding out irrelevant affiliates, brands can attract only the top affiliates capable of becoming effective brand ambassadors.

Therefore, a well-thought-out strategy is crucial for brands looking to maximize their efforts. Finally – to get your affiliate program in front of the right eyes – consider experimenting with paid advertising campaigns. Do not limit yourself to pay-per-click platforms only, but look also into paid visibility opportunities on social media . You will be surprised how few of your competitors are using this strategy. If you’re throwing together a half-edited ebook just to cash in on affiliate money, publishers will see right through it.

  • You don’t want customers trying to be affiliates but instead ending up on your home page or blog page.
  • It’s an investment in your business’s growth, and it’s going to result in more affiliates signing up for your program.
  • Search by brand to see who is driving traffic for your competitors.
  • Now that you’ve chosen an app to track your affiliates, the first step to recruitment is setting up a landing page on your website.

You may do this on the order confirmation page, through customer-geared email newsletters, and on the social media where they follow you. The truth is that the ”job affiliate programs” you see listed on other sites are pretty much worthless – you’d be lucky to make $150 per year promoting them. It’s better to focus on quality of recruits than quantity; if you’re looking for partners, consider their track record with affiliate marketing. When working out how to find affiliates, you can try out one of the strategies above, and you’ll undoubtedly see results come in.

Affiliate Program Recruitment

While this isn’t a direct outreach technique, optimizing your affiliate landing page can have a positive impact on its organic rankings, while also improving the user experience. Publishers usually go straight to the merchant’s website what is an affiliate management system when they are interested in a certain product, so it is easier to get them on board by making the information available to them. For every qualified lead through your referral link, we have a reward amount starting from $100.